Optus introduces data rollover for prepaid customers

Optus today announced a new range of monthly prepaid plans that will allow subscribers to rollover any unused data, provided they recharge before it expires.

Under the new offer, when an Optus My Prepaid Monthly Plus customer recharges before their inclusions expire, up to 10GB of data can be added to next month's allowance. Users can keep rolling data over month-to-month, up until the 10GB limit.

"Prepaid customers' data usage varies month to month – they might consume a whole lot streaming sporting events one month and far less on holidays during another month," said Optus' Director of Mobile Marketing Tim Cowan. "We asked prepaid customers across the country and 82% told us they don’t use all their data every month."

"Customers hate losing their data and that’s why Optus is launching data rollover, so customers can have what they paid for and use that data whenever they want."

An Optus spokesperson told CyberShack that data rollover will be exclusive to pre-paid plans for the moment.

Optus' new My Prepaid Monthly Plus plans will be available from July 5 and feature AUD$30, AUD$45 and AUD$60 options. These include 1.5GB, 3.5GB and 6GB of data respectively and all have a 30 day expiry. All three plans now included unlimited talk and text.

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