Optus introduces 50GB 4G powered home broadband plan

Can't get a fixed line broadband connection? Optus has introduced a 4G powered home broadband solution designed to provide a "plug and play" approach to online connectivity. While 4G mobile broadband plans typically max out at 20GB, Optus is offering a comparatively massive allowance of 50GB, priced at a reasonable AUD$70 per month.

Optus' Home Wireless Broadband plans are available month-to-month, or on a 12 month or 24 month contract. Month-to-month customers face an AUD$240 upfront modem fee, customers on a 12 month plan pay an additional AUD$10 per month, while customers on a 24 month contract have the modem fee waived.

Powered by a SIM card, Optus says customers will be able to jump online as soon as they plug their modem in.

"For a big group of customers, getting a timely and decent internet connection is a real challenge," said Optus Managing Director of Marketing and Product Vicki Brady. "Aussie renters, who move home frequently, find it particularly frustrating to disconnect and reconnect each time, often waiting several days or weeks before they can access the internet. Optus’ Home Wireless Broadband offers a simple plug-and-play solution so customers wait minutes, not weeks, to log onto the World Wide Web once a SIM is activated."

Customers who exceed their 50GB allowance will be charged a further AUD$10 for an additional 10GB. Once customers reach 60GB, their service will be capped at 256Kps for the remainder of their billing cycle.

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