Optus doubles down on contactless payments with iPhone stickers and weird bands

Optus is ramping up its Cash by Optus contactless payment ecosystem with the introduction of wearables and NFC stickers.

Cash by Optus, first introduced at the end of 2014, is a contactless payment solution that was originally driven by an NFC-enabled SIM. After a user puts money into their Cash by Optus account, they are simply able to tap their NFC-enabled smartphone on a payWave terminal when making a payment. The NFC-enabled SIM means that payments can be made even when the phone is flat.

Optus' bands and NFC stickers are designed to give customers without an NFC-compatible smartphone – namely iPhone users – a way to try out the telco's payment solution. Both link in with the Cash by Optus app.

iPhone owners are able to place the sticker on the back of their device to make Cash by Optus contactless payments.

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