OPPO’s new fast charging tech can take a phone from flat to full in 15 minutes

Chinese electronics manufacturer OPPO might not have unveiled any new devices this week, but it did reveal some exciting technology destined for its future smartphones. The company's most notable announcement was "superfast" charging. While the majority of OPPO's current smartphones can go from flat to 75% recharged in half an hour, new devices will be able to from flat to full in just 15 minutes. Additionally, 5 minutes of juice is said to provide as much as 10 hours of talk time.

OPPO says the 15 minute recharge time is based on a 2,500mAh battery. As such, this process could take a little longer on phones with a large capacity.

These charging speeds are attained through the use of a "5V low-voltage pulse-charge algorithm", a customised battery, and new adapters, cables, and connectors. OPPO says the charging algorithm is able to ensure a battery safe, low-temperature charge. Superfast charging will be possible over both micro USB and USB Type-C.

OPPO has yet to announce any devices that will make use of its new charging technology.

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