Ombudsman fines Telstra and Optus the most

Telstra BigPond and Optus are the top two ISPs in Australia – for complaints.

Telstra BigPond and Optus were the most complained about ISPs in Australia last year, said a report from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).

BigPond swept the stakes with 19,364 complaints, while Optus followed up with just over 9000. Third place went to smaller ISP Dodo, who just got fined for calling users on the Do Not Call Register, with 6683 complaints.

AAPT, Virgin Mobile, Soul Communications, Blitz Telecom, TPG Internet, Primux and iiNet rounded up the top 10.

Every complaint received by an ISP comes with a bill from the TIO, ranging from $31 to $2915 depending on difficulty. There’s no cap on the complaints either, so the cost billed keeps going up and up.

According to statistics published by the TIO, Telstra would have been billed over $600,000 last year, while Dodo would have forked over $285,000 for their complaints.

One CEO, speaking anonymously, said that it was cheaper to pay the TIO than to spend the money on better customer service.

Source: Australian Personal Computing Magazine