Samsung announce world’s thinnest TV

Think LCD TVs are slim? Wait until you see what Samsung are offering.

TVs have shrunk in size since the introduction of LCD and plasma into Australian homes, but Samsung are going to revolutionise that with the next wave of wafer-thin TVs.

Samsung are the ones in the lead to push the TV thinner than a supermodel, with the announcement of their 40″ LCD TV that’s only 7.9mm thick.

Of course, there’s a little bit of cheating involved: the super-thin screen is made so by taking out the HD tuner and putting it in a separate breakout box. But given that consumers were buying those a couple of years ago, it’s not likely to worry consumers too much.

The TV was shown off in South Korea last week at the International Meeting on Information Display (IMID). Samsung also showed off other products like their 15-inch Blue Phase mode LCD Panel and a 9.8mm thick 52-inch TV.

Sources: APCMag, TechON