Olympics Not Immune To Cyber Threats

  • Sites selling fake tickets
  • Bogus apps on fake Google Play sites
  • Fake Olympic streaming sites

Trend Micro has recently spotted some fake sites that claim to stream live Olympic coverage. One of these sites offered online viewing packages for$29.95 and $49.95, payable with credit cards and PayPal.

The Trend Micro threat researchers discovered that other fake live streaming sites redirect to another site requiring an email address. As such, cybercriminals can harvest email addresses, which may be used for their spamming activities.

Another malicious site was spotted, this time supposedly selling Olympic tickets. However, the site is a phishing site that steals users’ information.

Mobile phone users also need to be aware that there are also a range of bogus Olympic apps found in fake Google Play sites. These threats are similar to that of a relay race—each step bringing the user closer to infection.

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