Norton diversifies product line with RFID-blocking jeans

Internet security software manufacturer Norton appears to be significantly diversifying its product portfolio with the addition of jeans. Designed in collaboration with San Francisco fashion start-up Betabrand, the jeans feature two pockets lined with special RFID-blocking fabric, which can shield credit cards from scanning devices. Aside from the two "Protected by Norton" pockets, the jeans are fairly standard and are made from a stretchy denim (88% cotton, 10% polycotton and 2% spandex).

Unlike other online fashion retailers, Betabrand crowdfunds some of the items it sells to gauge consumer interest. If a product garners enough interest, it will be manufactured and sold. Customers pre-ordering these items can save up to 30%. If there is not enough interest in any given product, customers' credit cards will not be charged, and the item will not be manufactured.

Betabrand's Norton branded jeans have reached 144% of the specified funding goal, and are currently available for USD$151.20. Once the crowdfunding campaign is over, the jeans will retail for USD$168. Betabrand ships internationally.

Norton and Betabrand have also collaborated on a blazer with a single RFID-blocking pocket, but at present, it has only reached 18% of its goal. The blazer's full price is USD$198, but it is currently available at 30% off.

Source: Betabrand; Via: The Verge