North Korea accused of cyber-spying

Trojans and spyware are reportedly North Korea’s weapon of choice when it comes to their southern neighbours.

South Korea has accused North Korea of using spyware and trojans to infect computers used by high-ranking military officers during the trial of Won Jeong Hwa.

35 year-old Won reportedly visited military bases posing as a defector, giving lectures on Kim Jong-il’s regime, while seducing army officers and delivering their name cards to North Korean military intelligence. Over 100 name cards were delivered, whose computers were then allegedly targeted by North Korea’s electronic warfare division for malware attacks via e-mail.

North Korea is the latest country to be accused of cyber-espionage. China previously came under attack for alleged attacks to compromise PCs in Western businesses and government departments, but the People’s Republic of China has strongly denied the claims.

Kim Jong-il might be let off the hook however, with South Korean newspapers doubting Won’s testimony. Korean newspaper The Hankyoreh, in an editorial, stated that the intelligence passed on was “easily available on the internet, and almost none of it contains state secrets.” They also point out that the majority of the case rides on Won’s testimony which has been criticised for its inconsistencies.

Source: The Register