Nokia creates new wireless technology

Mobile phone market leader Nokia has unveiled a new short-range wireless connection that is smaller and more energy-efficient than current Bluetooth technology.

The new radio technology, dubbed “Wibree,” can work alongside Bluetooth short-range wireless connections but use just a fraction of the power.

Nokia said it had worked for five years to develop the technology and would put it through a standardisation process along with a number of other wireless technology firms. When Wibree has become a standard, the technology would be available to anyone at the same reasonable terms.

“It’s up to 10 times more energy efficient than Bluetooth,” Bob Iannucci, head of Nokia Research Center, said.

Like Bluetooth – used to link mobile phones with headsets, computers and printers to transfer calls, calendar items, documents, songs and pictures – Wibree provides a radio link of up to 10 meters (30 feet) between devices.

Because of their low energy consumption, Wibree radio chips will make it possible and efficient to connect phones and other electronics devices to low-power watches, sports sensors, wireless mice or health monitors, which often have not been able to use Bluetooth technology due to its power demands.

Source: Australian IT

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