Name change for PS3 controller

Since Sony has decided to move ahead with the new design for the PS3 controller, the naming boffins over at Sony have also been busy creating a name for the controller, dubbed the “Sixaxis”.

As noted on the official Japanese site, “Sixaxis” refers to the oft-referenced six axes of motion control afforded by the controller’s sensors.

Internet sleuths noticed last month that “Sixaxis” had been registered as a trademark by Sony, and many correctly assumed that it refers to the PS3 controller. The “DualShock” name has been used for PlayStation home console controllers since rumble and analog stick features were added to the original PlayStation controller, but Sony likely no longer considers the name appropriate given the removal of rumble functionality.

Sony also revealed accessory prices for the Japanese market. Sixaxis itself will go for 5000 yen (US$42.34), a many-buttoned remote for 3600 yen (US$30.48), and a memory card reader for 1500 yen ($12.70). The memory card reader, which Sony had previously announced, will allow players to transfer save games between PlayStation and PlayStation 2 memory cards and the PlayStation 3’s hard drive. PS3 does not have a built in memory card reader, but the 60GB model does include readers for various flash card types. The 20GB model does not include those features.

No prices for non-Japanese territories were revealed.

Source: Shacknews

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