Nokia bring the BBC to Australian mobiles

Nokia is bringing TV series from the BBC to the new Nokia N96.

Australians will be able to watch popular shows from the BBC if they purchase a Nokia N96.

After buying the N96, users can download the full series of BBC series like Little Britain (first season), Walking With Dinosaurs, The Catherine Tate Show (series one) and Yes Minister (series one). All of the TV series can be downloaded to your PC for free, and then synced to the Nokia N96 using Windows Media Player 11.

Julie Dowding, Director of Sales, BBC Worldwide Australia, said “This deal highlights the potential for the digital exploitation of our vast catalogue. Audiences can enjoy full episodes with Lou & Andy, Sir Humphrey Appleby or even a T-Rex wherever and whenever they like.”

BBC content will also be available on Nokia N96 mobiles in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Phillipines.

Australians can buy the Nokia N96 from tomorrow, as long as you’re willing to fork out $1,349 for it.

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