No regrets over PS3 controllers, says Sony

Sony’s head of Worldwide Studios, Phil Harrison, has defended the company’s decision to include a motion-sensing feature in the PS3 controller and leave out a vibration function.

Speaking to, Harrison said, “I think that the next generation interfaces that can be created built on sixaxis motion sensitivity give tremendous gameplay benefits that far outweigh a reactive vibration function.”

“The vibration function is the game sending a single channel of feedback to the player – six axis of input puts the player in control in a much richer, deeper way. So, game design can go in much more interesting directions as a result of that than from receiving a single input from the game itself.”

Harrison was then asked why Sony didn’t simply include both features – as Immersion, which makes rumble and force feedback technology, has claimed this would be perfectly feasible.

“I think the caveat to that statement always has to be based on the fact that when we make a pad, we’re making maybe 150, 200 million of them,” Harrison explained.


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