No More iPod Docks?

  • Five hours of playback
  • Wireless music streaming
  • Supports both Apple and Android.

Your docking days are over, claims Pioneer as it releases its latest range of wireless speakers.

  • Five hours of playback
  • Wireless music streaming
  • Supports both Apple and Android.

Your docking days are over, claims Pioneer as it releases its latest range of wireless speakers.  iPhone users can wirelessly play music through our speakers using built-in AirPlay over an existing wifi network, or you can establish a direct connection via Wireless Direct. The new line-up includes the splash-proof XW-SMA3 with rechargeable battery, the larger, higher powered XW-SMA4 and the compact, entry XW-SMA1 model, all featuring AirPlay, DLNA and built-in Wi-Fi.

Using any wireless network and embedded AirPlay technology, the new speaker systems stream audio directly from a Mac, PC, iPad, iPod touch or iPhone–  without wires and the need to dock the mobile device.

Audio streaming from DLNA-equipped Android phones is also supported. Featuring USB inputs for direct digital connection and auxiliary inputs, the systems allow for direct playback and charging of iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

Pioneer’s wireless speakers let you play your music simultaneously in multiple rooms throughout your house. Using Apple’s ‘Remote App’ on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can control and wirelessly stream your iTunes music library to any of our wireless speakers in your home.

The more units you position in different rooms, the more parts of the house you can stream your iTunes to. Each Pioneer wireless speaker will be displayed and controlled on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, allowing you to collectively or individually turn the wireless speakers on/off and adjust the volume.

Developed as an accessory for music lovers who lead an active lifestyle, connecting compatible devices to the wireless systems and installing them is a piece of cake.

Users don’t need to remember passwords or lengthy numbers, but can connect to compatible wifi routers with a press of a button. Music can be streamed wirelessly to the XW-SMA4, XW-SMA3 and XW-SMA1 from a Mac, PC or mobile device over a wifi network.

All systems support Wireless Direct, which enables users to stream their music to the speaker virtually anywhere and anytime, without a wireless router. A water-resistant exterior and rechargeable battery giving up to five hours of playback, make the XW-SMA3 even more suitable for outdoor use or in-house portability.

The solid enclosure works to prevent distortion and vibration, while digital signal processing (DSP) has resulted in room-filling, controlled bass. Incorporating two three-inch mid-range drivers, a one-inch tweeter and a central bass reflex port, the three wireless systems guarantee big output from such compact speakers.

The XW-SMA4 adds an extra tweeter and a powerful 4-inch subwoofer for deeper bass. All three speakers –tuned by world-renowned speaker engineer Andrew Jones– benefit from Class D amplification to guarantee high performance and excellent quality.

The speaker systems combine minimalist, clean lines with a timeless black or white colour palette (XW-SMA4 available in black only). They can be operated using the discreet touch sensitive controls incorporated into the body of the system, or through an IR remote featuring standby/on, play/pause, input, skip forward/back and volume control buttons, giving users easy command of the unit and their music.

XW-SMA4 $499
XW-SMA3 $499
XW-SMA1 $399

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