Nintendo’s next console will see a worldwide launch in March 2017

Nintendo has confirmed that its new console – currently codenamed the NX gaming platform – will see a worldwide release in March 2017. The company has yet to official confirm any details regarding the platform, but rumours have suggested NX could be a hybrid device that acts as both a traditional home console and a handheld gaming machine. While Nintendo has neither confirmed or denied rumours, it has said NX will represent a "brand new concept". 

Nintendo has reportedly been working on the NX from as early as 2014, and the console has since been referred to as the brainchild of late president Satoru Iwata.

"If you only expand upon existing hardware, it's dull," said Iwata in an interview with Japanese business publication Nikkei last year. "In some shape or form, we're always thinking about how we want to surprise players as well as our desire to change each person's video gaming life."

Nintendo has confirmed that it won’t reveal NX as part of the upcoming E3 gaming trade show in June. Instead, it will make its own announcement later this year.

Today’s announcement was made in Nintendo's newly released financial results, which also confirmed that the company plans to keep making smartphone apps following the launch of Miitomo, and will continue expanding its Amiibo toys-to-life family.

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