Nintendo Profits Up

Gaming giant, Nintendo, bucks trends by making record profitability

At a time when most companies were taking stock of the financial crisis, Nintendo was busy reaping in the profits; almost USD$3 billion.

Both Microsoft and its Xbox, and Sony and its PS3, have been struggling to make a buck or two, yet Nintendo has been selling its consoles and games in record numbers.

This can be put down to price to a degree, but also that a lot of the Wii games encourage activity, which is why so many parent by the game ahead of its more sedate rivals.

Net sales for the company were up for the financial year ending March 2009 to USD$18.5 billion, an increase of 10 percent. It’s net income after expenses are taken into account was USD$2.83a billion, which is claimed to be a 9 percent increase over last year.

However, the company is being cautious about this year’s profits by stating it is expecting sales to be static for the next 12 months.