Nikon Downsizes New DSLR To Combat The Rise Of ILCs

DSLR cameras are usually described with words like complicated, intimidating and bulky; and these descriptions are usually the reason why ordinary consumers shy away from this type of camera and instead settle with the more practical, easy-to-carry point and shoot camera and compact camera systems.

Nikon recognises this trend among photography beginners that’s why it made its newest entry-level DSLR camera smaller and lighter. Specifically, the D3300 features a smaller kit lens called the Mark II has a retracting barrel that can shrink its body down up to 20mm when not in use.

In terms of internals, the D3300 has the company’s Expeed 4 and a 24.2MP sensor that does away with a low-pass filter that offers high image quality and support for high sensitivities. Nikon has also added a number of beginner-friendly features including 13 special effects mode, 20 image retouch options (which includes Easy Panorama mode). Unfortunately, the camera won’t be getting built-in Wi-Fi.

The Nikon D3300 will be available starting February for US$649.95 with the kit lens (valued at $249.95).

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