Nicole Kidman Has The Urge To Train Her Brain

If you see Nicole Kidman holding a Nintendo DS Lite, it isn’t a joke; Kidman is the new face of the “Brain Training” games

As part of the advertising campaign for the new Nintendo DS game “More Brain Training from Dr. Kawashima: How Old Is Your Brain?”, pictures of Nicole Kidman interacting with a DS Lite will be appearing in the printed media as well as television across Europe and no doubt Australia.

Kidman was chosen for the campaign because people seem to know her for being entertaining, intelligent, and honest. “I love the concept that Nintendo is reaching out to new audiences with their self improvement products like Brain Training,” she said. “Most importantly, I’ve quickly found that training my brain is a great way to keep my mind feeling young.”

“More Brain Training” takes the original “Brain Training” game and throws more games your way as well as over 100 new Sudoku challenges. It should be on sale in Australia on July 5, 2007.