Nexus One Launches In Australia

Vodafone have announced that the Nexus One will launch in Australia on July 1. I first saw this handset when in Las Vegas this year for CES. For a handset so hyped, I first thought that Google should be pleased, but not over the moon with their creation. iPhone 3GS still beat the Nexus One in so many ways, mainly the iPhone interface was still miles better to navigate through. However, this was Googles first handset, if you consider that it was made by HTC, and I knew there would be plenty of development happening behind the scenes.

I was surprises to hear that Google had closed it’s online store for Nexus One in the US. Lack of sales was thrown around as the reason, and it was clear that even with the online marketing might of Google, to sell a phone you needed to have a relationship with a carrier.

If you are a phone buff and wanting to try Googles own Android based handset, Nexus One is finally here. AND, although Nexus One is shipping with the Android 2.1 operating system, it will up-dated over the air to 2.2 shortly after you fire it up.

Here is the release –

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) will launch the highly anticipated Nexus One tomorrow, July 1st, exclusively on Vodafone in Australia and exclusively online at

VHA says stocks are strictly limited and online customer orders will be fulfilled from Vodafone’s modest allocation of the Nexus One on a first come, first served basis. Vodafone is not taking pre-orders and is advising customers be quick to place their online order once the offer goes live. The Nexus One will be available for $0 on the $79 cap over 24 months* (total min cost = $1896) Full product details will be published on