New Twist In Price Wars As Big W Gets iPhone App

  • Compares prices with other stores
  • Includes store locator feature
  • Add products to a shopping list

Big W has launched an App for iPhone and iPad that will be able to scan the barcode of any product at another store and if Big W stocks it, their price will be displayed, too. This will allow consumers to compare and contrast prices – somewhat of a risk to Big W if the competitor’s prices are continually cheaper.

People can add items to a shopping list by scanning a barcode, reviewing the product list in the catalogue or by adding a photo. The App also includes the latest company catalogues and a store locator with detailed opening hours and available facilities.

Features in a nutshell are:

  • Price Scanner: Customers can scan the barcode of any product and if BIG W stock the product, the BIG W price will display allowing customers to compare the price.
  • Catalogue Viewer: Customers will be able to view the Big W current catalogues in a catalogue view or in a list of products.
  • Store Locator: Customers will be able to search for a BIG W store and find opening times and available facilities.
  • Shopping list: A customer can add a product to a shopping list by scanning the product barcode, reviewing the catalogue product list or taking a photo of the product.

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