New TVs For All Classes On Emirates

  • New GUI offers ease of navigation
  • All classes get bigger screens
  • 1300 channels of entertainment

Middle East-based airline Emirates has upgraded the hardware on its new Boeing 777 fleet to bigger, much wider, and digitally-enhanced screens for its winning inflight entertainment system for all classes of travel whether it be First, Business or Economy Class.

Passengers will have wider personal TV screens: 27-inch in First Class, 20-inch in Business Class and 12.1 inch in Economy Class. Additionally, Emirates’ new screens feature high definition (HD) resolution, developed by Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic), making it one of the world’s first commercial airlines to install such state-of-the-art technology.

The new hardware is part of Emirates new, enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI), developed by Panasonic and Emirates, which was recently launched and designed to make content and system features easier to navigate; bringing the range of choice across information, communication and entertainment to the passenger’s fingertips.

Through a choice of over 1300 channels of entertainment, including over 300 movies from around the world, hundreds of TV choices and thousands of music tracks from contemporary to classical, ice Digital Widescreen provides passengers with one of the world’s best inflight experiences.

The GUI includes a range of advanced capabilities that enhances the distinctiveness and elegance of Emirates’ inflight system, ice Digital Widescreen. The new experience includes the ability to move around the entertainment system by “swiping” or “scrolling”, just like a consumer tablet device and discovering the library of media and entertainment that is available, send SMS and email messages, explore the moving map application, watch the in-flight landscape cameras, and access live text news.

The enhanced screens and GUI will be introduced on all new Boeing 777 joining the Emirates fleet and subsequently over the next year on Emirates’ A380 aircraft. The system will be available in all classes of service, an Emirates standard.   

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