New ThinkPad With Extended Battery Life

  • Fast boot time
  • 23 hour battery life claimed
  • Anti-theft technology onboard

Lenovo has added six new ThinkPad laptops that are claimed to have smart PC features for power and performance management, all-day battery life, enterprise management and an intuitive, easy-to-use computing experience.

The thin and light ThinkPad T420s speeds up boot time by 30 percentwith Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0. The T420 reaches new battery life benchmarks of up to 23 hours with an extended battery.

The new ThinkPads incorporate self-awareness and adaptive technologies to sense where power is needed most. This means priority components receive power ensuring improved overall performance and battery life. Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 dynamically increases processor speed during performance intensive tasks such as video editing, data analysis and 3D applications. Lenovo Turbo Boost+ enables the laptops to stay in Turbo Boost even longer by keeping processor temperatures below required thermal limits.  With reduced power to non-essential hardware, the laptops achieve up to 30 percent longer battery life while playing multimedia so users can watch DVDs, listen to MP3s or stream web content longer.

With an internal nine-cell battery, the ThinkPad T420 delivers up to 11.5 hours of battery life, while the T420s delivers up to 9.3 hours with its six-cell and optional optical bay battery combined. For extreme battery life needs, the ThinkPad T420, with its standard nine-cell battery and optional nine-cell slice battery, provides up to 23 hours of computing power.  As the first business class laptops to feature NVIDIA Optimus automatic graphic switching technology, T Series and W Series laptops provide 33 percent better battery performance over previous discrete graphics models.

The laptops include a variety of technologies for video and voice conferencing. Private Chat and Conference Call microphone modes allow users to switch between modes with a click of the mouse. Private Chat mode can also use noise cancelling technology to focus on a single voice, while Conference Call mode opens the audio capture field to 360 degrees around the notebook, allowing for multiple user interaction in the room.

The laptops also include keyboard noise suppression technology to help eliminate the distracting keyboard clicking that often occurs while typing during PC-based voice calls. The laptops can also help users avoid embarrassing conference call mistakes with a dedicated LED-lit microphone mute key which indicates when the microphone is sending audio. 

Built upon a platform of advanced industry technologies, including the performance and energy efficiency of the 2nd generation Intel Core and Core vPro processors, the new ThinkPad laptops offer enterprise IT managers easy deployment, reliability and manageability. For example, the ThinkPad T, W and L Series share the same docking station to simplify deployment, reduce costs and allow hardware sharing among employees. The laptops also share common batteries for lower cost and easy component management.

For improved enterprise-class security, the new ThinkPad laptops offer multiple layers of security throughout the hardware, software, BIOS and options including encrypted hard drives with remote management support, a fingerprint reader with one touch swipe for power on and authentication and Intel Anti-Theft Technology; a laptop theft deterrence mechanism that disables the laptop preventing unauthorised data access.

Lenovo’s Instant Resume is a new feature that maintains users’ wireless connection on the laptop during sleep mode for up to 99 minutes, eliminating the need to login and reconnect. For improved audio sound, the ThinkPad T420s is the first business class notebook to offer Dolby Home Theater v4, Dolby’s latest audio technology with virtualised surround sound and dialogue enhancement technology for clearer sound in movies, music and during video calls. 

These laptops also feature Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7, a certification for Lenovo products that allows users to start their laptop on average 20 seconds faster than a typical Windows 7 computer. Users can also watch high definition movies and online videos with the help of integrated Intel HD Graphics.

RRP (start)
T420s $2949
T420 $2449
T520 $2299
L420 $1399
L520 $1199
W520 $4299