New Sony point-and-shoots capable of 960 FPS slow motion video

Sony today announced two new compact CyberShot-branded cameras – the RX100 IV (picture above) and RX10 II – boasting a "world first" custom-built Exmor CMOS sensor that allows the pair to shoot slow-motion video at up to 960 frames per second.

The new sensor also allows both cameras to capture 16.8 megapixel images and shoot at 4K-resolution movies at a bitrate of 100Mbps. The RX10 II will be able to shoot up to 29 minutes of 4K video, while the RX 100 IV can shoot up to five minutes of 4K footage at a time.

The CyberShot RX100 IV is the smaller of the pair, and will retail for USD$969. It features a fixed 24-70mm F1.8 lens, and will be available locally from July.

The CyberShot RX10 II (pictured below) will retail for USD$1,300, features a fixed 24-200mm F2.8 zoom lens, and will be available locally from August.

Australian pricing for both cameras will be confirmed in the coming weeks.


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