New N-gage to be launched Sept 07

Nokia has announced a new N-Gage platform to be launched in mid-2007.

The company is taking a different approach this time, releasing a new gaming platform to operate a range of compatible handsets, rather than a single dedicated gaming handset.

Given the rather poor performance of its previous attempts this seems like a far better option as it does not lock users into a particular handset in order to play the games.

But Nokia has not ruled out the possibility of one of the N-Gage ready handsets being designed as a successor to previous incarnations.

There will a strong online focus, with multiplayer games where users can connect locally or over the internet to play games co-operatively or head-to-head.

Games will be available on a ‘try-before-you-buy’ basis and will be downloadable directly to the mobile or to a PC from the internet.


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