New Lumix Reduced In Size/Weight

  • Four frames per second at full resolution
  • Noise reduced by 66 percent
  • Filter lessens dust

Panasonic’s latest Lumix model comes with a reduction in size and weight making it the smallest and lightest model in its class.

The DMC-G3 Lumix features a 16 megapixel Live MOS sensor and 1920 x 1080 Full HD video recording.  Panasonic has redesigned the high-sensitivity signal processing to take advantage of the new sensor, with the result that low-light images taken at high ISO sensitivity settings are said to be clear and sharp.

The Precision Contrast AF System achieves what is said to be the world’s fastest level of 0.18 second, and Pinpoint AF, combined with touch-control shooting, ensures focusing is fast and sharp. The new mechanical shutter achieves four frames per second consecutive shooting at full resolution

It is also said to have high-quality, easy video shooting with 1920 x 1080 Full HD AVCHD video recording. Panasonic’s AF system with full-time AF and tracking AF is also available.

Users have even more scope to create unique images, with new modes including ‘Creative Control’ to adjust colours more intuitively, and ‘Photo Style’ for finer control of contrast, sharpness, saturation and noise reduction.

In addition to the Intelligent Auto (iA), iA Plus mode has been added for adjustment of the defocusing area, exposure compensation and white balance.

The DMC-G3 has a 3.0-inch free-angle Intelligent LCD with 100 percent field of view, and a 1,440,000-dot equivalent LVF (Live View Finder). The camera body is made of light aluminum, and the newly designed body profile has an ergonomic grip, which is comfortable to hold despite the camera’s ultra compact size, says Panasonic. It will be available in three colours – black, red and white.

The DMC-G3 is compatible with Panasonic’s 3D lens, the H-FT012E. In addition to the 11 Lumnix G Series lenses, the DMC-G3 can use any interchangeable lens that complies with the Four Thirds standard via an optional mount adaptor. Adaptors are also available for the prestigious Leica M/R lenses.

The newly developed 16 megapixel Live MOS sensor supports high-quality image rendering and reduced noise. With the new circuit, noise is suppressed by more than 66 percent, and when shooting at high ISO settings, the S/N value is improved by around 200 percent compared with a conventional 12.1-megapixel sensor. The sensor performance is improved by 6db at ISO 3200 and by a maximum of 9db at ISO 6400, resulting in flawless noise-free images.

The Venus Engine FHD features advanced signal processing capabilities in both photo and video recording, ensuring high-quality image rendering with high clarity. As a result, users capture sharp images, even in situations such as shooting at high ISO sensitivity levels, or in low light.

In addition, the DMC-G3 is now capable of 4 fps consecutive shooting in 16-megapixel full resolution with mechanical shutter, as well as offering high speed burst shooting at 20 fps with mechanical shutter.

Downsized by around 25% in size compared with its predecessor, the DMC-G3 is the world's smallest and lightest interchangeable lens system camers, claims Panasonic. .

The large, high resolution LCD rotates 180 degrees to the side and tilts 270 degrees up and down for virtually 100 percent field of view. The large, bright 1,440,000-dot equivalent LVF (Live View Finder) with 0.7x magnification retains the viewability of an optical viewfinder. Live View is made possible by the Live MOS sensor, which takes signals directly from the image sensor and sends them continuously to the LCD, in real time. This allows the user, when composing a shot, to check the framing accurately from corner to corner.

The DMC-G3 is equipped with a Dust Reduction System. If dust or other foreign matter gets inside the camera when you're changing lenses, it could cling to the image sensor and show up as a spot in your photos. The Dust Reduction System in the DMC-G3 helps eliminate this possibility by placing a supersonic wave filter in front of the Live MOS sensor. Vibrating vertically around 50,000 times per second, the filter repels dust and other particles effectively.

A dedicated button on the back of the camera lets the user instantly start recording videos while shooting photos without any having to make any extra settings. The Touch AF in video recording also lets users enjoy professional-style rack focusing.

High quality sound can be recorded with Dolby Digital Stereo Creator. A Wind Cut function is also available to block out most of the noise from background wind. The DMC-G3 can take a photo while recording video by just pressing the shutter button. Also, when editing, still frames can be created from a video, and unwanted sections of a video can be removed with the video divide function.

The DMC-G3 is artistic not only in form, but also in function. It provides an array of features that let users capture precise true-to-life images and create their own beautifully expressive images. The popular My Colour mode is now enhanced with ‘Creative Control’.  When you select Creative Control, you can adjust exposure compensation in the frequently-used color modes of Expressive, Retro, High Key, Sepia and High Dynamic.

Finally, there is ‘Photo Style’, a new effect control function that offers finer adjustment of contrast, sharpness, saturation and noise reduction for the Standard, Vivid, Natural, Monochrome, Scenery, and Portrait presets. Custom Mode allows manual control of color effects in these settings.