Netgear’s D6400 wireless modem router is ready for fibre-to-the-node

Netgear yesterday announced the Australian availability of the D6400, its latest wireless modem router combo. While very similar in design and specifications to the D6300, Netgear's latest now supports VDSL. VDSL is the broadband technology being utilised by NBN Co to connect customers to fibre in its fibre-to-the-node rollout, and offers up to four times the speeds of a standard ADSL connection.

The D6400 also supports ADSL, fibre and cable internet connections, and is kitted out with the usual bells and whistles: dual band AC wireless, five gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB 2.0 ports.

"We developed the AC1600 Modem Router, the first in a series of new VDSL products, in response to consumers who now have extremely fast DSL broadband service but demand better in-home Wi-Fi performance," said Brad Little, Netgear Australia's Managing Director.  "You expect your in-home Wi-Fi to deliver that faster broadband speed to the farthest reaches of your home, but sometimes the modem router supplied by Internet service providers isn’t always the latest Wi-Fi technology."

The Netgear AC1600 Wi-Fi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router D6400 is available now for AUD$319.

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