Netgear Lets Genie Out Of the Bottle For Handsets/Tablets

  • Can monitor networks via handset
  • Super fast wifi video streaming
  • Turn smartphone into table

Netgear has launched a range of new wifi, networking, storage and media streaming products that include the company’s Media Storage Router (WNDR4700), the N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit DSL Modem Router (DGND4000) and the Netgear Genie network management application.

Also announced is that Netgear’s Genie application will be available as a smartphone and tablet app. This mobile app for iOS and Android devices allows customers to monitor, control, and repair their home networks.  Parental controls, guest networks, and a network map can all be managed through the Genie Mobile app. With the MyMedia feature, Genie Mobile turns the smartphone or tablet into a DLNA controller, allowing users to push videos, music, and photos from their network to SmartTVs. It will be available in Apple’s App Store and Android Market.

The WN2500RP extends dual band wifi coverage for any home network and is designed for users with a mix of high bandwidth video streaming devices such as HD/3D Smart TVs, network DVRs or streaming media players. Offering simultaneous dual band wifi on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands concurrently, the device reduces the effects of wifi interference. With the company’s FastLane technology, customers should also get fast wifi speeds at longer distances. Set up and installation is said to be quick and simple with no need for a CD or Ethernet cable.

The WNDA4100 connects a notebook or desktop computer to a wireless network with ultra-high speeds and is said to be designed for applications like streaming HD video, downloading large files and online gaming.  It delivers up to 450 Mbps wifi speed on 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz frequencies and can be used with the company’s N900 Dual Band Wireless Router and Media Storage Router. 

A CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honouree, the Netgear Media Storage Router (WNDR4700) combines the ability to store and stream large amounts of HD content and media around the home; and the need for high-speed, secure wireless connectivity for the rapidly growing number of Internet enabled devices in the home. It has the ability to provide both Apple Time Machine backup and Windows PC backup services, while offering 900 Mbps of combined wifi speed. It comes with an integrated 2TB hard drive that is consumer-upgradable at any time. It provides two high-speed USB 3.0 ports for adding more storage capacity or for converting existing external USB hard drives into networked drives, making it the most advanced combination of wireless router and storage available to consumers today.

Then there is the new Powerline 500 Nano (XAVB5101) instantly converts a standard electrical wall outlet into a high-speed network connection that accommodates multimedia tasks. 

For consumers who want to connect multiple devices in a room – including TVs, a network disk, media players, game consoles, PCs and other Ethernet-enabled devices – the  N900 Video and Gaming 4-Port wifi Adapter (WNCE4004) can be used to simultaneously connect up to four wired devices to your wifi router at top speed.

Another CES 2012 Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honouree product, the N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit DSL Modem Router (DGND4000) provides an integrated DSL modem with high performance wireless router with speeds of up to 450 Mbps for applications such as streaming HD video and multiplayer gaming. The router also includes premium features such as ReadyShare Cloud for remote access to the USB hard drive and ReadyShare printer to convert a USB printer into a networked printer. .

The company’s Smart Network Cloud Application Platform is a new technology platform that enables consumers to purchase and download apps from the cloud to optimise and personalise their connected home. With a growing range of apps available to download, consumers will gain access to a number of capabilities and controls for connected Netgear home network devices, including media, gaming, security, energy conservation and more.  It is enabled on Netgear’s latest routers, ReadyNas storage devices, media players and future products.

Finally there is the AppManager, which is a dashboard that enables consumers to select and use downloadable apps from a convenient cloud operated by the Netgear. The dashboard offers a variety of apps built by the company as well as third party vendors, with more apps being added all the time. Users can interact with the apps directly from the dashboard, giving them a simple overview of their connected devices. From the Netgear Smart Network Cloud Application, consumers can easily search for and install new apps to fit their needs.