Netflix’s simple speed test now has apps for iPhone and Android

Earlier this year, Netflix launched, a simple advertisement-free tool designed to help users measure their internet speeds. As of today, Fast is now available as a native app for both iOS and Android. While the Fast website worked on mobile browsers, native apps could certainly help in getting people to use Netflix's streamlined tool.

Unlike other speed tests, Fast is all about simplicity. While alternatives provide users with extra metrics such as ping, upload speed, and latency, Fast is will only tell a user their download speeds.

Since Fast communicates directly with Netflix servers, it also provides users with a way to check if their provider is slowing their connection to Netflix (for example, if the result is much faster than the Fast result). While this hasn't yet been a problem in Australia, some internet providers in the United States have been known to intentionally slow traffic to Netflix.

Fast is available as free download through the App Store and through Google Play.

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