Netflix has new settings to save data when streaming over 4G

Netflix has introduced new quality settings in its mobile apps for both iOS and Android to allow subscribers to get more "bang for buck" when it comes to streaming video over 3G and 4G networks.

Dubbed "Cellular Data Usage" settings, the options allow users to further tweak how much data Netflix will use on the go. The service says the automatic option will see customers use about 1GB every three hours of Netflix. Dropping down to low will extend this to 1GB every four hours. Alternatively, subscribers with higher cap plans can use medium and high options, which use 1GB per two hours, and 1GB per hour, respectively.

These settings only affect data usage when viewing content on a mobile device on a cellular network. They won't change quality when streaming over Wi-Fi or a tethered connection.

To access Netflix's new settings, update the Netflix app on iOS or Android to the most recent version. Select "App Settings", and then pick "Cellular Data Usage".

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