Navteq And Samsung Join Forces

Navteq and Samsung have joined forces to supply navigation gear to Samsung mobile phones

Navteq has signed an agreement to supply Navteq map data and content to consumer electronic giant Samsung Electronics

Samsung will have access to all 76 countries in the Navteq map database. The agreement also allows Samsung to utilise Navteq content including Visual Content, Speed Limits, Extended Lanes and Navteq Discover Cities.  This portfolio is designed to enhance navigation device functionality.

  • Visual Content: enabling a better end-user sense of orientation when interacting with the device through a 3D display of prominent landmarks and 3D city models;·

  • Speed Limits: facilitating improved arrival times, information about maximum road speed, and warnings to users of potential speed violations;

  • Extended Lanes: expanding capabilities to guide end-users to the correct lane at complex junctions;

  • Navteq Discover Cities: enabling pedestrian orientation and navigation by foot and via public transit systems.

Samsung will launch its I8910 HD Omnia with Navteq Map and content in Europe in May. The unit will offer 3D landmarks and 3D city models. It also offers speed limits and extended lanes. With Navteq Discover Cities on I8910 HD, urban travellers will be able to take full advantage of their surroundings and help them get from place to place with a variety of routing options.

Furthermore, the handset is incorporated with a social networking functionality that utilises Navteq map data and content. It allows users to find their friends online and determine the quickest way to route or walk to them. Users can also use the local POI search capability and find places recommended by their friends.

Of course the obvious question is, how do Navteq’s other clients – ie GPS manufacturers – feel about this new deal?