Navman Introduces New Guidance System For GPS’s

  • Landmarks mentioned when driving
  • Traffic updates streamed continuously
  • Voice destination entry

Navman’s Landmark Guidance Plus provides navigational directions in an intuitive and straightforward way, much like someone would if they were in the car with you.

Incorporated into the Navman 2012 MY Series’ two models – the MY300LMT and the MY350LMT – now also come with lifetime maps included.

“An independent behavioural study we commissioned last year revealed some valuable insights about what drivers want when they are out on the roads,” said Wendy Hammond, marketing director, Navman Australia & NZ. “They reported that there were too many things competing for their attention on the roads, which distract and cause important information to be missed. They said that they would feel more confident if they could correlate directions to what they are seeing in their environment, and if they could be told of important information when they needed it. Many drivers had difficulty judging distance, especially at different speeds, and reading street signs at a distance.

“In this year’s range we have decluttered the noise that bombards people as they drive, and presented them the most important information, in the most succinct ways. Today, Navman maps and guidance simplify what drivers see through the windscreen with a combination of visual and voice queues, to ensure drivers turn confidently and safely in the correct lane, and the instructions are even more specific – for example, they may say “before the Coca Cola sign turn right into Victoria Street” so there is no mistaking which way to go, and reduces the need to estimate distances or look out for street signs.”

Thus the development of the Landmark Guidance Plus, which uses cues in the instructions such as the colour of buildings, well-known brands, points of interests, long term landmarks, stops signs and geographical features. Using prepositions such as “turn left before the Toyota Dealership”, directions sound more like everyday speech which make them easier to understand. It takes into account visibility of the objects, direction of travel, relative distance, permanence and even seasons – anything which may affect the use of the markers in the instructions, and geographical features, so your Navman will tell you “over the hill turn right at the BP service station into Smith Street.”

Other features include:

  • New look – both models in the Navman 2012 MY Series have a 5-inch screen and now sport a new-look, brushed metal chassis with a grey panel in front and a soft charcoal back.
  • Lifetime maps– both come with lifetime maps so Navman users can get up-to-date maps, released every quarter.
  • Improved premium driver alerts – in the MY350LMT, even more potentially hazardous areas have been flagged, such as areas with a sharp bend ahead, a steep incline or decline and an overtaking lane coming up, when the road narrows, known animal crossings or roads that are dangerous in icy or wet weather.
  • Improved driver fatigue alerts – if you have been driving continuously for two hours, the device will warn you and can tell you about all possible options to make a stop nearby, such as petrol stations, public restrooms, food outlets or rest areas.
  • Improved traffic information– live traffic updates streamed continuously and all messages updated approximately every 30 seconds. Live traffic is now incorporated into the estimated time of arrival and data is updated continuously.
  • Voice destination entry – you can give even more spoken commands now, such as adjusting the volume and brightness of the device. There is now a shortcut to activate voice destination entry on the driving map screen, to reduce fiddling around with the device when driving.
  • Smart volume – the volume on the device increases in increments the faster you travel.
  • Improved SmartFind searches – this keyword search function will search from a database of street addresses and POIs, and will also include any information from Navman guides such

MY300LMT $249
MY350LMT $299

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