Navigon Release Free App Update

Navigon has released a free update for its Apple applicaton

Navigon has submitted its latest update (1.4.0) for its iPhone navigation Apple App. The free update has 10 new functions including an enhanced pedestrian mode and a destination search via Google Local Search.

The update will also allow users to enter geographical coordinates as a destination and features enhanced map data.

With Google Local Search, Navigon App users will easily find their way to new places. For example, entering “steak Sydney”, provides a list of steak restaurants in and around the city. By selecting one of the search results, users will be guided directly to the destination.
The enhanced pedestrian mode features a new user interface and utilises the digital compass built into the iPhone 3G S to provide users with optimal guidance while walking. The map now automatically moves with the user making it easy to recognise in which direction to walk.

The update also allows entering geographical coordinates as a destination and it is possible to email the current coordinates of the user to other iPhone users.

Accompanying this, the Emergency Help feature gives users a detailed description of their position in a dangerous situation.

With Navigon’s Turn-by-Turn Route List, each step of the route is clearly listed during the journey. As soon as a manoeuvre has been completed the list is automatically updated. Another feature allows the driver to listen to music or audio books without missing any navigational announcements.

In music mode the volume of the music is automatically lowered during the voice announcement, while in audio book mode playback is automatically paused and then continued afterwards. If the GPS signal becomes too weak during navigation, this is indicated by a red bar on the display. MobileNavigator calculates the approximate position and continues the normal navigation as soon as the signal is strong enough again.

Users can zoom in on the map section both in the 2D and 3D display using the iPhone’s intuitive multi-touch control. The most common destinations are now named and marked on the map, while contacts and contact groups can be selected from the phone book as intermediate destinations. The update also speeds up the starting time of the App.
Besides being available for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, the Navigon App now also runs on first-generation iPhones and on the iPod Touch. This is effective immediately and independent from update 1.4.