Ubisoft Get In On Fitness Fad

Ubisoft has joined the plethora of games designed to keep you in shape

Your Shape is designed for anyone who would like to be fit and reach his/her fitness objectives. Released for Wii, this ground-breaking new fitness title leverages the technological advances of a new camera included in the game. This camera will also be compatible with other Ubisoft titles that are currently in development.

This motion-tracking camera is able to follow the execution of fitness movements, correct the mistakes, and give users immediate feedback on the quality of execution of their movements. This way each minute invested is effective in helping users reach their fitness objectives.

Your Shape has been developed to offer the same benefits as having your personal fitness coach watching and advising you: the game enables users to scan their body and then projects their image onto the TV, creating a personalised and interactive workout.

Based on their specific body diagnosis, the game is able to recommend the program best suited to their body shape and fitness level. They can also add their own priorities and preferences and see your day-by-day progression displayed graphically as you work out. And, because the camera sees you, you get all of these benefits without having to hold a controller as you workout, leaving your hands free to focus on the exercises; you can also incorporate any equipment that you may already have.

You will see yourself in the TV screen just near the virtual coach, compare the way you perform with the coach’s moves, and keep motivated through the entire workout. It’s like looking at yourself in a mirror, with a real partner at your side.

With more than 400 different exercises featuring yoga, cardio fitness, strength training, flexibility, weight loss routine, and many more, Your Shape brings a level of personalisation and offers a fitness focused on your needs, goals,and achievements.