Navigon iPhone App Integrates Social Media

Navigon claims first with new navigation app that integrate Twitter and Facebook.

Navigon has announced an update for MobileNavigator, which adds three features: in-app connection to Facebook and Twitter, Panorama View 3D with 3D terrain views powered from NASA.

MobileNavigator allows users to broadcast current position, destination and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) to favourite social media outlets, Twitter and Facebook, without navigation interruption. The Twitter feature automatically limits input to the maximum 140 characters, and provides a character countdown.

Panorama View 3D delivers 3D map views through digitised cartography rendered from NASA’s height and terrain data. The full 3D view delivers a depiction of surrounding environment, and what lies ahead with digital landscapes that include elevations, shadows, and geographic images. Panorama View 3D is integrated in-map, independent from the phone’s data connection.

Navigon MyRoutes takes personalised route recommendations to a new level with intelligent, customised direction planning and is provided at no extra cost to MobileNavigator users. The feature analyses individual driving data and designs customised routes. Up to three choices with distance and ETA are clearly displayed in-map for each. One primary recommendation based on the user’s driving habits, the day of week and time of travel is provided, and the additional two alternatives provide options to choose a preferred route.

MobileNavigator transforms the iPhone into a navigation device that relies on the GPS receiver, independent from a cell or wireless signal, to provide on-board navigation. MobileNavigator offers a familiar, yet streamlined user interface that offers visual feedback and connected features. It is the only on-board iPhone navigation app available that includes Google Local Search, Reality View Pro, branded in-route POI’s, seamless in-app iPod controls, enhanced pedestrian mode, and in-map social media connectivity in one application.

MobileNavigator $99.99
Panorama View 3D feature $9.99

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