Navigon Android Available From Samsung Apps

  • TrafficCheck feature updates conditions in real time
  • Time-coded alerts for schools
  • Users can provide feedback and rate applications

Navigon for Android 4.1 is a navigation app that is now available for the first time in the Samsung Apps store.

The app includes Active Lane Assistant, the audio output via Bluetooth, an intelligent widget for quick access to favourite destinations and the introduction of timed coded alerts for school zones.

Samsung Apps is a marketplace designed to offer Samsung customers with apps optimised for their compatible smartphone or tablet.  As well as offering Navigon Version 4.1 for download, Samsung Apps will also provide continual updates as well as the opportunity to provide feedback and leave star ratings for the application.

Specifically for Australian users, the app provides time-coded alerts for Australian school zones. This update helps ensure speed limits in school zone areas are accurately displayed depending on the time of day.

With Active Lane Assist, drivers are shown the most correct lane through live lane animation. Displayed in the lower right corner of the map view, the animation reflects the current lane configuration, providing a realistic display of the route including all turns. An orange arrow directs the driver to the right lane and the inclusion of up to four turns ahead helps enable foresighted driving.

Then there is the Navigon Widget, whereby users can access certain Navigon features without first opening the app. For example, users can navigate to one of their last 20 destinations, or search for a nearby point of interest.

The TrafficCheck feature gives users an overview of the latest traffic conditions. After the route has been calculated, a display appears on screen which shows if the chosen route is affected by any delays. The user is quickly informed of construction sites and traffic hazards using a red, yellow and green meter. To navigate around traffic holdups, users can purchase the real-time in app service Traffic Live from the Shop section of the app.

It also incorporates Bluetooth support for spoken advice. With Bluetooth, the app’s audio output can be transferred to a compatible hands-free set. Users can listen to directions through their car stereo system, and music volume will automatically turn down while directions are given.

NAVIGON for Android transforms compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones into navigation devices. With on-board Navteq mapping, users can be assured the app will be fully functional, even without mobile reception. As well as the new features of Version 4.1, the app has a range of other functions including route planning, safety camera alerts, live weather information and a parking tool to assist with finding parking locations.

Users can also download Navigon  FreshMaps, available for free, as an in-app purchase, which entitles them to four free map updates a year for two years. The latest map update from NAVTEQ is available now via FreshMaps

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