Navigation for Samsung Bada Smartphones

  • Supports 17 languages
  • Get alerts if speeding
  • Turn-by-turn directions

Navigon for Bada saves maps on these Samsung Bada mobile phones and therefore works even in areas without mobile phone reception, so users can get directions anytime, anywhere. 

This app includes features include spoken turn-by-turn directions, visual lane guidance, speed warnings, live traffic information and rerouting, among many other functions. The user interface is fully customised to the Bada experience, says Navigon..

Other features include

  • Navigon MyRoutes: The MyRoutes feature provides customised route suggestions with up to three different choices based on the user’s driving style.
  • Reality View Pro and Lane Assistant: Navigon’s Reality View Pro feature displays photo-realistic views of highway/interstate signs, exits, and lane guide markers so users can see lane changes and exits in advance. Lane Assistant prepares drivers to make an upcoming exit or turn with a lane map complete with arrows and actual road geometry.
  • Traffic Live: Real-time traffic information alerts drivers to traffic problems and automatically calculates alternative routes so they can avoid congestion and save time.
  • Navteq maps: It provides accurate map data and points-of-interest information.
  • Reality ScannerReality Scanner is an augmented reality feature, providing an instant and effortless way of identifying nearby destinations. Users simply point their smartphone in any direction to see points-of-interest icons appear directly onto a live camera view, making it easy to find destinations on foot.
  • Speed Assistant and Radar Info: Drivers can potentially avoid tickets by receiving alerts when they’re speeding and getting notified of static speed cameras before they pass them.
  • Coordinate input: Employ longitude and latitude coordinates as a destination as an alternative to traditional input like an address or POI by name. Email geographical coordinates for precise location identification.
  • Pedestrian navigation: Optimised routing profile for pedestrian use, including flashlight and compass function.
  • Supports 17 languages: Selected automatically based on the phone's language settings.


$50 in Samsung Apps

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