Napping in the office just got easier

A new concept product is set to make your office life a little more dreamy.

Everyone’s had one of those days, when you’re tired, drowsy and you just need a quick powernap.

A new concept is set to make your working life easier by attaching a pillow to the outside of your laptop.

It’s called the i-sleep, a pillow that automatically inflates when you close the laptop using air from the notbook vents. The i-sleep will then play some music from a playlist and set an alarm for 10 minutes so you don’t drift off. The pillow even has an inside coating of Latex to retain warm air.

Here’s the catch: it’s a concept product at this stage, and most laptops power down when they’re closed. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll be buying one as soon as it hits the market.

Source: Crave CNET