N is for Nougat: The next version of Android gets a name

Google today confirmed that the next version of Android – previously codenamed Android N – will be named Nougat. The release continues Google's confectionary-based convention, which has included Marshmallow, Lollipop, and KitKat recently.

Android Nougat is currently in beta, and is scheduled for a late Winter release. Google will likely unveil new Nexus devices (rumoured to be made by HTC, this time around) to showcase Nougat's new features. These include split-screen multitasking as a core operating system component, in-notification replies, a streamlined multi-tasking menu limited to the last to the last seven apps one has used, and support for virtual reality headsets baked right into the core operating system.

Under the hood, Android N will improve 3D performance through the use of the Vulkan API, and will feature a faster compiler that reduces the space requirements for app installation.

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