MySpace Like iLike

Social network leviathan MySpace has gobbled up music social networking site iLike.

MySpace has said it will be acquiring iLike, a social music discovery service. Founded in 2006 by brothers Ali and Hadi Partovi, iLike has 55 million total users and 1.5 billion monthly impressions. The iLike team will stay intact including, CEO Ali Partovi, President Hadi Partovi and CTO Nat Brown.

Prior to iLike, Ali Partovi founded and sold LinkExchange to Microsoft and Hadi Partovi independently co-founded and sold TellMe Networks, also to Microsoft. Hadi Partovi also incubated (now  Brown has a deep and respected history as an early architect at Microsoft, and he was involved in the creation the first Xbox, .NET/CLR, and ActiveX/COM/OLE.

iLike users and the artist community should expect the iLike experience to be unaffected by the acquisition. iLike will remain headquartered in Seattle.