Music Hub From Samsung

  • Streams to most Samsung devices
  • Music stored in cloud
  • Costs between $9.99-$149.99

Samsung’s Music Hub offers a subscription to music streamed directly to a multitude of Samsung devicesacross five different platforms at a monthly cost less than the price of an average album on CD.

Samsung developed Music Hub in collaboration with all four major record labels.  Industry reports show that consumers are increasingly accessing music on the go and from multiple devices. With a Samsung Music Hub premium subscription you will be able to access your favourite music playlists on up to 5 different platforms including:

  • Samsung Galaxy SmartPhones
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablets
  • Samsung SmartTVs
  • Samsung Smart Home Theatres & Smart Blu-rays
  • And via web-browser on PCs

There is also ‘Smart Caching’ on the Samsung Galaxy range allows consumers to sync playlists on wifi and store on the device and can be played continuously as long as desired without being streamed. The ensures 3G data charges are minimised and ‘bill-burn’ is avoided.

The service can be activated over a 3G or Wi-Fi network of your choice, Bluetooth wireless headsets are supported as well as Car Audio systems that support Bluetooth streaming.

Music in the living room will become an enhanced experience with not only access to millions of songs played on your Samsung Smart TV, Smart Home Theatre and Smart Blu-ray devices and for the first time, consumers will have access to over 10,000 music videos from the major record labels via these Smart AV devices. Designed to deliver high quality, on demand content straight to the centre of the home, the service offers thousands of HD (720p) videos with an additional 40 on average added per week. The service on Samsung Smart AV devices will be available by mid-December.

Samsung Music Hub playlists stored in the cloud and pulled onto your device as required, makes it easy to bring together all your favourite music, with lists of up to 200 songs. Playlists can be accessed anywhere within Australia (within internet service range) as they ‘Auto Sync’ across all devices with premium trial on an authorised account.

The service also features ‘Follow Me,’ which picks up your playlists last played track when you next login from any of the Samsung compatible platforms within your subscription level. Listen to a track on your daily commute with a GALAXY S II and then pick it up again when you arrive at home on your Samsung SmartTV.

This service offers up millions of tracks from all four major music labels and various independents. It is claimed to make it easy to find a favourite artist or discover new music with a number of features, such as:

  • An intelligent artist and media suggestion tool
  • Automatically populated music collections
  • In-depth discography
  • Extensive artist information

Two month trial– for all existing and new Galaxy S II Smartphone’s purchased before December 31, 2011, (downloaded application, signed up for Mobile)

One month free trial – from 1st November for all existing and new purchases of all other Galaxy Smartphones (Galaxy Android v2.2 devices and higher) and tablets

Mobile: Allows either a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or Samsung Gaalxy Tab to access the service – $9.99/month or six months for $54.99 or 12 months for $99.99

Premium: Allows four Samsung compatible products and web browser access to the service -$14.99/month or six months for $79.99 or 12 months for $149.99