Murdoch Determined to Block Google

Aussie media magnate thinks he can take on the world’s most popular search engine and win

For a couple of months now, News Limited boss Rupert Murdoch, has been telling anybody that will listen that paid online content is the way forward for the media.

With newspaper circulations going into freefall, magazines losing readership (although not at the rate papers are), and the growing popularity of ebook readers like the Kindle, new business models are being sought to keep media alive in the 21st century.

Murdoch’s answer is to not only pay for his content, but stop the likes of Google from indexing article from any of his websites. He argues that they are stealing the company’s property by doing so, although he would have a hard time proving that in court.

And he not about to back down any time soon, after an interview he had on Fox News over the weekend. In the interview, he reiterated his stance that people should pay for content, and that he is sure people will do so.

It will be hard thing to try and persuade people to buy something that is not only currently free, but can be got from an alternative source if demands are made for subscription fees.
This might be one battle Murdoch will have a hard time winning.