Murder suspect to be advertised in video game

The murder suspect of 22 year old English tutor Lindsay Hawker (pictured) will have his face featured in an upcoming video game.

In another round of using video games to connect with the general public, Famista Inc. from Japan have taken things one step further – using video games to solve murders.

The game, set to be released for free, is a slot machine which rewards players with information about suspects when they hit the jackpot, and tells them how to report leads.

Takashi Saito, of Famista, said the game could be a new way to contribute to the community.

While not receiving official approval, individual officers have endorsed the project in the hope that it could lead to arrests.

Hawker was found dead in her apartment in March last year occupied by the prime suspect.

CCTV of the suspect was shown nationwide in Japan last year, but despite appeals and long-running efforts by the family no strong leads have been reported.

Source: Sky News