Multi-Platform Security Software From Kaspersky

  • Covers PC and Macs
  • Costs $99.95-$299.95
  • No upgrades needed

Kaspersky One is security software that is said to protect multiple devices at once, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and Macs. 

Kaspersky says it has developed the product in response to consumer needs due to conclusions outlined in the 2011 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index which found:

  • 15 percent of Australians surveyed use their mobile phone for banking at least once a week, while 2percent bank from their phones at least twice a day.
  • 12 percentof Australians surveyed said they are making payments at least once a week on their mobiles, and 5% are purchasing items from their phone that are not specifically for their phone (such as apps, for example).
  • Additionally, almost half of the Australians surveyed who owned a mobile phone also either own a tablet or are planning to buy one in the near future.

Accessing the internet, whether it’s from a PC, mobile or tablet, leaves consumers open to identity theft, ID fraud and a range of malware and viruses. Ensuring all devices that are used to access the internet are protected is essential to prevent cybercrime.

The installation and activation of Kaspersky One is said to be easy –one universal activation code is needed. There is no need to upgrade subscription for each device-specific application, and users may decide which particular combination of devices will be secured by the product.

1 Year – 3 Devices – $99.95
1 Year – 5 Devices – $159.95
1 Year – 10 Devices – $299.95

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