Movie Maker From Windows Live

If you’re an aspiring Spielberg, Jackson, Scorcese or Coppola, then Movie Maker could be your start

Windows Live Movie Maker is a free program allowing people to create movies and slideshows from digital photographs and video files.

The first Windows Live feature to be optimised for Windows 7, Windows Live Movie Maker includes editing, animation, visual and sound effects functionality for people to turn photos and most video files into movies they can share online or burn to DVD.

Features include:

  • Simple photo and video import: Once the camera, phone or recorder is plugged in, Windows Live Movie Maker takes people through each step.
  • AutoMovie: Transitions, effects, titles and a music soundtrack can be added to create a movie in a few minutes.
  • Live Preview: When the video is hovered over with the mouse, Movie Maker previews the transitions and effects so it’s quick and easy to decide which features to apply to each movie.
  • Share on YouTube & Facebook: The finished movies can be uploaded to YouTube or shared with a plug-in on Facebook.
  1. Video and audio editing: Videos can be cut or split and music can be added to create a soundtrack.
  • Visual effects and photo animation: Options for black and white, artistic, mirror, motion and other visual effects can be added as well as panning, zooming and transition effects to photos. Also includes text effects and brightness adjustments.

  • Storyboard: Elements of videos, photos and audio can be laid out, moved around, added and removed in a story board format – just like the professionals.

  • HD support: Movies can be saved in high definition formats: High Def 480, 720 and 1080p.
    Titles, captions and credits: Text captions, comments and credits can be overlaid to each video.

People can download Windows Live Movie Maker today from