Microsoft Hunts Dodgy Licenses With Update

Microsoft has released a “patch” that is says will help fight software piracy

Office Genuine Advantage Notifications is Microsoft’s long-winded way of asking if you have a pirated copy of one their Office XP operating systems.

In a press release they sell the update as allowing “you can take advantage of all the capabilities, support, and continuous improvements—as well as the peace of mind—that come with using genuine Office. If your copy is not genuine, OGA Notifications will provide periodic reminders to help you take the appropriate action. It’s part of Microsoft’s commitment to fight piracy and to protect customers and partners from counterfeit software.” Hhhmmm….and let’s not forget Microsoft’s bottom line either.

The company does say that the company “does not use any information collected by OGA to identify you or contact you,” so maybe the cynics out there can breathe easy that the Seattle-based company’s attempts to get pirates – and their clients – on the straight and narrow.