Mobile Wireless Storage From Seagate

  • Battery powered
  • Extends storage capacity
  • Five hours of continuous video streaming

Seagates Goflex Satellite mobile wireless storage system is claimed to be the first battery-powered external hard drive to wirelessly extend the storage capacity of any wifi-enabled mobile device.

With 500GB and wifi access over 802.11 b/ g/n and a rechargeable battery, this storage option allows users to carry a library of video, music, pictures and documents with them. Devices are wirelessly connected directly to the GoFlex Satellite drive by use of the free GoFlex Media app – available on iTunes, the Apple App Store and Android Market – or a web browser.

It is capable of providing hours of entertainment for up to three connections. With a stand-by battery life of up to 25 hours, the lithium polymer battery delivers up to five hours of continuously streaming video. To help with extending battery life, the free GoFlex Media App provides a progressive download feature, which temporarily loads the video on to the Android device it is being streamed to, allowing the drive to go into stand-by mode.

Streaming over the Internet has enabled video access for tablet owners, but the quality is at the mercy of the Internet connection, be it over Wi-Fi or3G/4G. With more connected devices per hotspot, it’s often difficult to watch video without choppiness or pixilation. Rather than rely on a buffered stream from a distant provider, GoFlex Satellite mobile storage wirelessly serves up media content as a local attached storage for up to three devices at the same time.
Available for Apple iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and any Android devices; the GoFlex Media app provides a seamless way to connect the mobile wireless storage to your mobile devices. Those that currently use an Android smartphone or tablet can access content on a GoFlex Satellite device through its web browser. 
The Media Sync software is also included free with purchase. Wherever the files are stored, the Media Sync software will load music, videos, photos and documents on to the GoFlex Satellite drive. Media Sync is configured to place files on the drive that are compatible with your iOS or Android device.
For rapid loading of media content, the wireless mobile storage comes equipped with the superfast USB 3.0 cable to transfer files. The USB 3.0 cable will also continue to work with USB 2.0 ports. In addition to the USB 3.0 cable, the drive comes with a car and wall charger.


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