Mobile shopping growing at massive rates claims eBay

According to eBay, Australians are embracing mobile commerce with the number of people shopping on eBay through their phones and the number of items purchased doubling in just seven months.

In fact says the company, so far this year alone, Australian consumers have purchased more than one million items on eBay via mobile devices.

Deborah Sharkey, Managing Director of eBay Australia & New Zealand said that the results were in line with increased demand for mobile technology and the rise of smart phones. “This year, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of eBay customers using mobiles to shop as people realise they can buy anywhere and at anytime,” Sharkey commented. “In fact”, she said, “eBay mobile sales are growing faster in Australia than in any other eBay market with one item bought every 15 seconds.”

According to the eBay research, nearly 25% of Australians now use their mobile phone to shop online, with a third doing it more than once a week.

Approximately 43% of Australians spent $50 – $250 a month shopping on their mobile phone, with 17% spending in excess of $250 each month. For this growing band of mobile shoppers the key motivations were convenience (44%), being able to shop 24/7 (23%) and to cost compare with retail stores (16%).

And iPhone app users bought nearly 900,000 items worth over $56million with an average price per item of $64.

Customers accessing eBay via WAP bought over 160,000 items worth more than $17million with an average price per item of $102.


  • • eBay Android app users bought more than 1,000 items worth over $52,000 with an average price per item of $21.
  • • eBay Blackberry app users bought nearly 600 items worth over $50,000 with an average price per item of $41. And despite a similar number of items bought on eBay through mobile devices, men spent double that of female shoppers.
  • • People shop on their mobile; at home in the evening (32%), commuting to and from work (19%), at work where no one can see (12%) – and some particularly time effective Gen Ys are even shopping while on the toilet (5%)
  • • The most expensive item purchased by an Australian buyer via an eBay app was a caravan for $52,990.