Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Or Is That A Tellie?

  • In-mirror televisions for bathroom
  • Custom-designed frames
  • Bug- and dust-proof outdoor televisions

Liquifi has released a series of televisions designed for places where moisture is a problem, and can handle the ruggedness of the outdoors.

First there are the waterproof televisions, whichconsist of built-in and in-mirror units designed for bathrooms and kitchens. These units are set up in-fixed into the wall for a flush finish. They come in a selection of frames to customise the look of the television to compliment your bathroom or kitchen interior. The In-Mirror version is hidden within a bathroom vanity, shaving cabinet mirror or kitchen splashback. When turned on, the television appears from within the mirror or splashback and when turned off, it becomes invisible, leaving behind a regular looking mirror.

Then there are the, bug-proof and dust-proof outdoor televisions, which are HD LED units that are built to last through the high-temperatures of an Australian summer and the rain of our winters, with waterproof and weatherproof features.  Power-saving LED backlights ensure the televisions – ranging in size from 42-inch to 65-inch – give better heat dissipation, a brighter display and better contrast levels while keeping energy levels low.

Finally there is the lifestyle range, which, like the waterproof television, is a mirror when turned off. It then becomes an HD television when turned on and come equipped with a custom-designed frame to be integrated into a home.

Waterproof televisions from $999
Outdoor televisions from $3,199
Lifestyle television from $3,499

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