Microsoft Pinning Hopes On IE9

  • More than 40 million downloads of beta
  • More than 2000 recommendations taken into consideration
  • Available for download from

The latest version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer – 9 – launched today and is designed to bring sites front and centre through Windows 7, enabling a more immersive and beautiful web. Unfortunately, those running Windows XP will find that the IE9 is not compatible with that operating system.

Using hardware-accelerated HTML5, Internet Explorer 9 is claimed to enable faster, more visually compelling web experiences and applications. Microsoft said the Beta version of Internet Explorer 9 had been downloaded more than 40 million times. 

Features such as Pinned Sites and JumpLists enable people to ‘pin’ their websites directly on

the Windows 7 Taskbar, as though they were native applications, and then to  perform tasks related to those websites, such as check their inbox, change the music station, accept a friend invitation or see breaking news.

More than 250 sites from around the globe are taking advantage of the capabilities in Internet Explorer 9 and more than 1,000 other sites and designers are taking advantage of these new features, including Facebook and Amazon.

IE 9 contains a set of built-in security, privacy and reliability technologies that keep customers safer online. In December, Microsoft introduced Tracking Protection in Internet Explorer 9, which puts people in control of what data they are sharing as they move around the Web, by enabling consumers to indicate what websites they’d prefer not to exchange information with. Malware is now the No. 1 risk to people’s security online, and Internet Explorer 9 provides the first Download Manager with integrated SmartScreen malware protection.

Microsoft claims that studies show that Internet Explorer 9 blocks 99 per cent of socially engineered malware attacks, five times more than Firefox and 33 times more than Chrome.