Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL set for Australian launch on December 7

Microsoft's 2015 flagship smartphones – the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL – are set to go on sale in Australia from December 7. Both are available to pre-order from Microsoft's online store, with the 5.2-inch Lumia 950 retailing for AUD$999 and the larger 5.7-inch Lumia 950 XL priced at AUD$1,129.

While local telcos have yet to announce pricing or plans for the new devices, Optus has confirmed that it will be ranging both. Conversely, a Vodafone spokesperson told CyberShack it won't be offering either new Windows handset.

Telstra provided CyberShack with the following statement: “We don’t have any information to share about the Microsoft Lumia 950X or 950XL at this stage but we’re always looking to bring the latest and greatest products to our customers.”

Notably, Microsoft has yet to confirm whether the Display Dock accessory will be available at launch. The Display Dock enables a user to connect their Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL to an external monitor to access a new feature called Continuum.  Once connected to a monitor using the dock, the phones present the user with a traditional Windows desktop environment, almost identical to what one would find in Windows 10. Apps will render as if they were being run on a PC or notebook, rather than on a smartphone, and users are able to connect a USB mouse and keyboard via the dock.

Internationally, Microsoft is offering a free Display Dock to customers who purchase the Lumia 950 XL. It is not yet clear whether a similar promotion will run in Australia.

The pair share similar high-end specifications; screen size is the major difference. The Lumia 950 features a 5.2-inch Quad HD display, a six-core Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of expandable storage, a 3000mAh removable battery, wireless charging, and a USB Type-C connector. The Lumia 950 XL will allegedly feature a bigger 5.7-inch Quad HD display, an eight-core Snapdragon 810 processor, an a 3340mAh battery.

Both handsets utilise a 20MP rear-facing cameras and 5MP front-facing cameras that can be triggered via a dedicated camera button. The phones also feature an integrated iris scanner, allowing users to log in without the need for a passcode.

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